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Cargo Routine Surveys

Cargo Routine Surveys

This service is aimed to assist Charterers, Shippers, Receivers, P&I clubs or Insurers in a number of surveys designed to prevent cargo claims. It includes the following types of surveys.







  • Draft surveys

  • Monitoring of Scale Weighting and calculation of discharged cargo quantities

  • Tally surveys

  • Liquid cargo Quantity Surveys ( Ullaging liquid cargoes)

  • Stowage and lashing arrangement Surveys

  • Multi cargo boundary Surveys for loss prevention purposes

  • Monitoring loading / discharge operations

  • Bunker surveys

  • Dry or liquid cargo Sampling Surveys

  • Hatch cover sealing/ unsealing Surveys and Certification

  • Ultrasonic hatch cover testing for watertightness (including report issuance)